Transfering to Please wait ... T large patient advocate (old timer, 2000 posts) registered: 06/23/07 posts: 5812 loc: pa sometimes a little blood when mixed with saliva can look like alot more than it really is. You should mention the bleeding to your fathers doctor. I cant tell you enough about good nutrition and hydration. This is more important than you realize. is viagra safe for young men yahoo answers It will help him to feel better and make it easier to stand up to the difficult treatments. Being a caregiver is not an easy task. is viagra safe for young men yahoo answers It takes alot of courage to appear to be brave while you are scared and worried. buy cheap generic viagra uk This forum will help you both thru this. para que es la pastilla viagra Moral support is important for not just the patient. Some patients need anti anxiety medication to help get them thru and they arent alone, some caregivers need it too. That goes to show you haw hard it is for both sides. viagra online I always call caregivers angels as they are selfless and watch over the patient while putting on a brave smiling face. It cant be easy to manage the home, bills, groceries, cooking, cleaning, working and then also to transport the patient and put their needs first while watching them deteriorate slowly before their eyes. Its more than any one person should have to deal with. buy viagra without prescriptions Dont be afraid to ask friends and relatives for help to give you a break once in a while. Take a few minutes each day to collect your thoughts and take a deep breath. where to buy women's viagra It doesnt have to be anything like an all day trip to a spa, just take a walk around the block or sit on the porch for 10 minutes and relax. cheap viagra online Caregivers need care too. viagra buy online in uk Wishing you both all the best! _________________________ christine scc 6/15/07 l chk & by l molar both stag i, age44 2x cispltn-35 rad end 9/27/07, no caregiverclear pet 1/084/4/08 recur l chk stag isurg 4/16/08 clr marg125 hbo,trismus3/09 teeth out7/2/09 recur, stg iv8/24/09 trach, nd, mandiblctmy3wks medicly inducd coma, 2 mo hospitalpicc line iv antibiotics 8 mo10/4/10, 2/14/11 reconst surgoc 3 times in 3 years very happy to be alive top previous topic index next topic preview hop to: ------    new posters read this first    frequently asked questions (faq's)    introduce yourself    general board    symptoms and diagnosis    coping / anger and fear    medications, treatment, procedures    currently in treatment    after treatment issues    eating, speech, swallowing, and alternative feeding       alternate feeding solutions, peg       menus, food ideas    caregiver / co-survivor forum    insurance and financial forum    oral cancer recurrence    activism    adjunctive therapy    left behind. generic viagra without prescription For those who have lost their loved one. buy generic viagra online Print topic view profile send a pm add to your watched users view posts view profile send a pm view homepage add to your watched users view posts view profile send a pm add to your watched users view posts view prof. generic viagra canada